Mountain Program for Young People

18 to 35 years of age or those who feel young at heart
A week of inquiry and dialogue inspired by the work of J. Krishnamurti 9th-
16th August 2015, Bourg-St-Pierre, Valais, Switzerland

What the individual is, the society is. What you are matters infinitely. That is not a mere slogan but, if you go into it really deeply, you will discover how significant your actions are, how what you are affects the world in which you live-which is the world of your relationships, however small, however limited. And, if we can fundamentally alter, bring about a radical revolution in ourselves, inwardly, then there is a possibility of creating a different world, a different set of values. J. Krishnamurti
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During this week we will start by asking whether it is possible for us to look at what we are and not what we should be or would like to be. This might open new questions such as: Do we live with images of ourselves and others? Does fear hold us back? Can we understand conflict and go beyond it? What is a meditative mind? Can we explore the question of finding a right livelihood and our responsibility towards nature, relationship and society?

The program will consist of informal get-togethers in which young people can create relationships with others who share similar concerns. We encourage each participant to take an active role in suggesting topics of exploration. We will also watch some Krishnamurti DVDs or listen to talks. The week offers a good balance between dialogue and inquiry, walking the mountains, creative activities and enjoyment.

Walks and observation of nature
It is our intention to create a space away from the demands and stress of everyday life. Walking in beautiful landscapes give us the opportunity to slow down the mind, and to be aware of the outer and also of what is going on inside ourselves. These walks will be tailored to people's ability and wishes, many of them guided by Gary Primerose.


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You will be accommodated in a Swiss style village house or in a chalet (double rooms) nearby, surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of the Alps. All meals (vegetarian) are included and will be prepared and enjoyed together. As we are expecting an international group, the main language spoken will be English
Pr i c e : Sw.Fr. 350. This includes all activities, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For f u r t h e r i n f or m at i on p l e as e c on t ac t :
Gisèle Balleys
Tel.: +41-22-349-66 74 / +41-27-787-1335
7A Chemin Floraire, 1225 Chene-Bourg, Geneva, Switzerland

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